Vertical Roll out Sheet Racks

Roll out vertical sheet metal rack is better for organizing and managing your sheet metal well and keep worker safe and protect sheet materials. Suitable for small sheets, scattered sheets, large sheets scraps, leftovers, semi-finished sheets, special storage requirements of the sheets, etc.



  1. Sheets will be quick overview and selected easily
  2. Roll out sliding units can be pulled out 100%.
  3. Loading capacity is no more than 700kgs per roll out unit
  4. Single people can be operated easily ,so save time and labor.
  5.  3 degree slant to prevent slipping sheets and protect valuable metal material
  6. Save space and make workshop more clean and orderly, also keep worker safe.
  7. Vertical rack can be designed”front-back”and “left-right”move style


                               Roll Out Vertical Sheet Metal Rack Parameter
              Item   Standard unit for Reference         Customized
Storage Sheet Size 2440*1220mm 3000*1500mm         Customized
Loading per slot        700kgs       500kgs   less 1tons per slot
Number of Drawer             10            8     2-10 pcs available
Distance between two layers        150mm        180mm         Customized
Operation System     Mechanical     Mechanical        Mechanical
Color of Rack    Blue/white    Blue/orange         Customized
  • We are focus on Customized rack , kindly contact us deign your rack.


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