Sheet Metal Rack

Sheet Rack is ideal for organizing and managing your sheet metal well,such as steel sheets, Aluminum,Plates, Flat products, and tools. It optimize your vertical and floor space, improve work efficiency and creating a safe work environment.


Rack is composed by sheet tower and roll out drawers with more flexibility than all roll out racks, and it suited for storage the sheets close the machinery and plan to use.


  1. Increase storage density and use more vertical space.2.
  2. Organizing steel inventory efficiently by size, type, and material type..etc
  3. Heavy duty storage Equipment with max loading 5tons per drawer.
  4. Each roll out drawer can be extended completely.
  5. Lock-in, Lock -out for each drawer,it is safe during operation.
  6. One single person can be quick operated by lifter, vacuum,magnet, hoist.
  7. Create a safer workplace and reducing material damage during handle material.
  8. It complement laser cutting, shears, press brakes and other production machinery.



                                                     Sheet Metal Rack Parameter
                Item              Standard           Customized
Storage Sheet Size            3000*1500mm           Customized
Loading  Per Drawer                3tons      Max 5tons per layer
Number of Drawer                   5+5      2-10 pcs available
Distance between two layers               180mm           Customized
Operation System     Mechanical  Forklift Mechanical or Automatic
Color of Rack       Orange   /  Blue Customized Color


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