Automatic Sheet Metal Storage

Automatic Sheet Metel Storage Rack is an automatic storage and retrieval system for sheet metal. It takes advantage of vertical space of warehouse and implementing a Goods-to-Operator workflow, working with lifter to deposit and retrieve drawers and deliver them directly to the loading/unloading bay at a safe working height.


It is a customized system to accommedate a variety of sheets and others flat materials such as moulds, boxes, componets etc.



  1. Reduce storage floor footprint and increase vertical storage capacity
  2. Lower material hanlding cost
  3. Efficent material storage and flow
  4. Creat an safty enviroment for worker and avoid damage of material
  5. Updated inventory status
  6. Heavy Duty Design with strandard loading 3tons( max 5 tons) per drawer
  7. Touch Screen Control system

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