Honeycomb rack

Honeycomb rack provide a very easily and convenient solution to solve the storage of tubes, bars, flat bars or angle steel. But request enough storage space of warehouse.

Honeycomb rack is modular construction,allowing it to be extended into unlimited adjustable slots, with a mobile trolley, goods can be access quickly. Compact System create optimal use of available space.


Style A : Full closed tray design,suited whole bundle or scattered (leftovers).
Style B : Separated trays design, suited whole bundle storage .



  1. Modular construction, rack can be extend unlimited, easily increase storage slots.
  2. Convenient to classified and management of materials.
  3. Good base for creating a steel platform to increase storage space
  4. Compact storage capacity with big loading -standard loading 3tons per slot.
  5. Quickly access with a crane or forklift.
  6. Tray can be extracted 100% so that the storage goods can be fully accessed.
  7. Prevents damage to the sensitive material surfaces.
  8. Customized Products.

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