Roll out Cantilever racking

Roll out cantilever racking is ideal for storing and accessing bar stock, angle iron, tube,pipe, rollers, busbar, mandrels..etc long material and bulk goods, usually work will take a lot of time and find the right items they need if these items are stored on the ground. Roll out racks will increase your work efficiency and save your warehouse space.



  1. Material is handled by crane, no necessary with wider aisles so save space.
  2. Sorting and storing any length of material.
  3. Time-saving, material can be operated by crane from rack to terminal directly
  4. Solid structure with heavy loading capacity loading Max 5000kgs per layer.
  5. 100% extended arms, each layers can be accessed easily.
  6. Single people can be operated easily.
  7. Materials can be stored by categories or size, and tray available for leftovers
  8. Single or Double units available (Customized dimension)
  9. Electrically Drive roll out racking available.


Roll Out Cantilever Rack Parameter
Item                  Standard Customized
Storage Sheet Size  6000mm  6000mm 9000mm 12000mm Customized
Loading Per layer    2tons   3tons    3tons 3tons Customized
Number of layers     3+1    4+1    3+1 3+1 Customized
Single /Double    Single Double  Double Double Customized
Total Loading per rack  8tons 25tons   19tons  19tons Customized
Length of Arm  550mm   600mm   800mm  800mm Customized
Distance between two layers  600mm   600mm   800mm  800mm Customized
Operation System Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Customized
Color of Rack Orange/Blue Orange/Blue Orange/Blue Orange/Blue Customized


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