Sheet Tower

Sheet racks (sheet tower) makes easy work of handling and storing sheets raw materials, it works with forklift to delivery the raw sheet material to laser, plasma, and cutting machines. stacker replace and improve upon pallet, it is prefect for fixture and sheet metal storage, it offers an organized and secure way to access and transport sheet metal.


■  Double face access is available


  1. Increased vertical storage density and save floor space
  2. Classified and management sheet material quickly.
  3. Steady Structure with heavy loading max 5000kgs per
  4. Fork pockets design, easily access by forklift
  5. One single person can be operated, save labor and cost
  6. Protect Material no damaged and drooping sheets
  7. Keep worker safe and avoid sharp edges and corners exposed


                                                            Sheet tower Parameter
                Item                  Standard unit for Reference   Customized
Storage Sheet Size 2440*1220mm 3000*1500mm 3600*1500mm
Loading Per Drawer      1500kgs      3000kgs   3000kgs
Number of Drawer         10         18        15
Distance between two layers     150mm   180mm    200mm
Operation System   Forklift  Forklift   Forklift
Color of Rack Blue/white Blue/Blue   Black/Red

layer distance min 40mm, customized according to actual storage situation ( Sheets height with pallet or not)

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